The lizards, Phish Tribute
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The Lizards have been bringing the Phish experience to their fans since 2013, complete with synchronized trampoline-ing and TG5’s mesmerizing light show. Known for their authentic performances and loyal fan base, The Lizards are committed to creating unforgettable nights of good music and good vibes.


2018 tour dates
More coming soon.... 

To inquire about current or future bookings, contact All shows will be advertised on the band’s website and announced on social media. Before promoting any upcoming shows, please get in touch for promo materials and to coordinate your launch.



The Lizards are committed to promoting their shows through social media, online advertisements, and local networks. Press releases and promo materials are available by request. Posters and flyers are created for each show and can be sent out at no cost to you.  Encourage your staff and local bands to use them to promote the show at other jam-band events. Online web banners and ads are available to download for each show in a variety of sizes.

All tour artwork by Phan Gear Prints.
Download here (for promotional use only):


Tune into to one of the band’s live-stream shows to get a sense of what they do and enjoy the jams. Past shows and promo videos are available on The Lizards YouTube channel. Upcoming live-stream shows will be advertised on the band’s website and are usually announced 48 hours ahead of time.

Promo videos are be available for each show here.
2018 videos coming soon.


Hear what The Lizards are all about and listen to their online compilation  The End is the Road, Volume 1. Audio for all recent shows can be found on the band’s Mixlr Showreel and setlists are posted after each show.

Audio Technical Rider

Learn more about The Lizards' requirements here. All specifications are very flexible, if there are any changes from the rider please notify the band as soon as possible.

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