The Lizards - Phish Tribute
Audio Technical Rider


In order to perform The Lizards require:

  • Professional full range 3- or 4-way PA system with subs and adequate coverage appropriate for venue and crowd with sufficient power for all components, able to deliver clean, undistorted full-range audio at 110dBA to FOH mix position. Preferred brands: L'Acoustics, Meyer, D&B, QSC, Adamson
  •  Appropriate control system for EQing and time aligning of PA
  • 4 separate mono monitor mixes with supplied processing/power, one for each band member. Drum sub is good but not necessary. Preferred brands: D&B, L'Acoustics, EV, Meyer, Clair
  • 4 stereo return lines to stage for IEM mixes at keys and bass positions(Beltpacks/transmitters supplied by The Lizards)
  • 32 channels from the stage split supplied to monitors and FOH via an appropriate snake
  • 7 short and 6 tall professional mic stands, 2 pencil condensers, 2 SM57s, 5 DI channels
  • Small table beside or near FOH for online streaming gear

We will be supplying our own FOH/monitor console (Avid S3L) and will need room at FOH to set up the small surface and engine. Where separate monitor systems and engineers are available, we will use them.

All specifications are very flexible. If there are any changes from the rider please notify the band as soon as possible.

Prepared by Kory Vanderiviere, 226-881-1068